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Just a little different… A couple weeks ago, I was waking up at 4:20 Mon-Fri and was a good little ant marching back and forth to work. Driving an hour each way. Now that we made it here and have had a couple days to unwind and explore, I feel this is more what we’re (humans) supposed to be doing. We haven’t turned the tv on. The internet here sucks and we have no cell service. Land line only.

The house is a cute little number, on the side of a hill (would be called a mountain back east) with a very nice interior. 4 wheel drive mandatory to get up the driveway. In fact, the homeowners scheduled a delivery of 5 tons of gravel to be spread on the driveway today. A dump truck with said stone showed up and could not get up the hill. He said to call him in the spring and he’d come back!

We went to check out an ice cave. Looked more like a frozen waterfall I think. Still not sure if we were supposed to go in, but we passed as it looked suicidal. Max of course was pissed.

It’s neat here how you can be in the sun and be in short sleeves and shorts, but then you go around the corner into a valley where the sun can’t get to and there’s literally over a foot of snow on the ground and treacherous  roads.

We see ice fishers on the reservoir everyday. Our new pups our sweet and always looking for a tummy rub. The house is halfway up the hill, so the boys either go up and “mind” the hill or go down the driveway and make a dam to catch the water from the snow that melts from the sun.