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Toured the MSU Dairy Farm & Plant today.  They have almost 400 cows, 150 or so are milked twice a day.  It was sad to see, but in order to have a better appreciation of where butter, cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream comes from, it was necessary.  These were beautiful holstein cows.

cow stomach
cow talk
cow nursery 2
cow max
cow boys plant
msu babies

Calf Nursery, missing their mamas & THEIR milk

msu poopglove

Look it’s a baby! They can tell the sex of the calf at 55 days. Yes, that is poop up to her shoulder.

msu samcow

What you lookin at Willis?

msu milking

in the pits, learning how the mechanized milkers work, takes about 10-12 minutes to milk each cow

msu curds

Curds and whey, making cheese

msu icecrm

we topped off the day at exploring the dairy farm and plant with some fresh ice cream made right at MSU. thanks mama cows, it was delicious!