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Lots of numbers this week. We drove through 5 states, more than 600 miles, it was our 11th Anniversary, Max turned 7 last week, Sam lost his 9th tooth, and there’s only 12 days left until Christmas, and a partridge in a pear tree.

So this is what went on this week…

boy cuddling MI sofa 12 2015

cuddle boys on couch Michigan

MI playground

Steve & Peter infiltrated the local elementary school playground, and immediately had all the girls swooning as they wonder, “who are those masked men?”

max and ducks Michigan

Mom, we should go, we don’t want them to get humanized.

b&t 11thAnniversary MI to MD drive 12062015

11th Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Duncan, 11 hours in the car.

boys and uncle fergi talkin tech

tech time with uncle fergi

Sam lost tooth number 9 12102015

MOM! the tooth fairy comes tonight!

Sam won bowling ADaleUdale sleepover

winner winner, chicken dinner. sam with the high score in wii bowling

Max yoda with chewbacca JCPenney

yoda & chewy

max yoda sam darth with chewbacca JCPenney

Max, chewy, and darth

Max chewbacca coat JC Penney 122015

doing a little bit of christmas shopping

sam and mom MI playground

playing around in Maryland

boy at kenniworth trains 12082015

made it back in time for the train garden at Kennilworth

kids at duncan xmas party 12122015

also made it in time for the Duncan Christmas party at Kelly & Bob’s

Duncan XMAS 12122015 Sam and Mathis

sam loved his “new”est cousin Mathis

christmas bingo at duncan xmas party 2015

a riveting game of christmas bingo

diana and emmy at duncan holiday party 12122015

Diana and Emmy

coach bobby and max football training duncan family xmas party 2015

getting some offensive coaching, not offensive, offensive. you know what I mean.

mom and max on tree crossing stream

max tree trail by grandmas 122015

mom and max on trail stream by grandmas 122015

duncan cousin wrestling smackdown 12132015

Duncan cousin wrestling smackdown 2015 part 2

ultiimate Max bday sword fight with drew

the winner was finally decided with a duel to the death