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After over a year of trying to find more family time, we are now closer to making a big move. Big move.

A year ago, we began ditching most of our belongings, our house and a car to get the bills down to free us up some so that we may be together more. Terri quit her nursing job at Hopkins in June of 2014 to give us back our weekends and we started renting the basement of her cousin’s house in Sykesville, MD. We said we only wanted to be here a year and now that time has come.

We accepted a house sit in rural, Colorado for 4 months! I quit my job of 10 years last week and tomorrow we hit the road. We (Terri) have been in a full scramble, trying to figure out what to take, what to throw away and what to put in storage. One of the most stressful, emotional times of my life. Even though we’ve been downsizing over a year, we were no where near ready!

Hindsight, we did it all wrong. Should’ve figured out what fit in the trailer first! Instead we tried to
take as much with us as possible. This made us late and we now have the weekend to make it to Colorado to meet the homeowners before they leave at 10:30am.

Where will we be in 6 months? A year? No clue.

To the dump!