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So earlier this week, Brian and I were sitting around talking about the plans for our last 8 days here in Washington.  We are very happy with the progression of the trailer, glad we won’t have to deal with tarps and ratchet straps, but now have to get everything to fit.  I’ve continued to purge at each stop along our way, and this one was no exception, emptying at least 2 containers and giving away a suitcase full of clothes. However, with the putting to rest of Brian’s 20+ year old tent, we purchased a new even larger one to allow us to spread out while camping for days/weeks at a time, so we have to figure out how to make that fit in the space we gained.

Since I love camping, but not sleeping on the ground or a deflating air mattress, we decided when we left Maryland to take our king memory foam mattress with us, which takes up 1/3 of our total storage space of the 36sqft in the trailer.  We had to make some initial modifications to it (i.e. cut it in 1/3’s!) and then further pairing down here in WA (cut 9″ off the bottom so it fits better in trailer), but having it seriously saves my back, and we all sleep like we’re home in bed, which we are.  Anywho…

We also have our mobile command center set up now so that Brian is able to work and connect from wherever the road takes us (if there’s a signal!)  and we were able to get the car and trailer both registered with our new address.

We’ve been very busy researching and planning for our 4 week journey across the west and southwest, and Brian has been very busy with work through samax media.  We leave next Wednesday, head to Portland for a short pet/house sit (July 2nd- July 7th), and then to Eugene to visit Brian’s cousin Nick and his family.  From there we head south and we’ll take 3 weeks to drive and explore the 2000+ miles through Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, on our way to our new “home” state – Texas.   We’ll spend 20days in Texas house/pet sitting in a beautiful home, and are excited to enjoy their swimming pool during our hot July/August Texas stay.  Mid-August, we’ll head back across the south to the east coast, and we’ll have two weeks to work our way up the east coast, hopefully continuing to visit loved ones along the way, to our end of summer pet/house/farmlet sit in Charlottesville VA.  We’ll be milking goats each day in Charlottesville until early October.

Each of our stops has so much in store, some certainly more than others, some monumentally more than others, and we are so excited and hopeful for our journey together as we migrate across the country.

we4Fact:  We are each spending our birthdays in different states this year, Brian had his 40th birthday in Colorado, I will have my birthday next week in Portland, Sam’s birthday will be in California, then who knows where we’ll be for Max’s!