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On Tuesday we went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History.  Also a member of the ASTC travel passport program, we were able to visit this great museum for free under our science center membership.  It was hot out, 102 degrees and humid, so we decided to head indoors while Brian did some work at a local library.  The museum was great, lots of exhibits on energy sources, fracking, separate Fort Worth Children’s Museum and Cattle Raisers Museum.  It’s neat to see as we travel how similar the science centers are, which makes sense. They all seem to have the obligatory dinosaur exhibit, the tornado tube, and all the other standard ones (human body, gems/minerals, etc.) but it’s been interesting seeing the exhibits at each that are geared more toward the local community/industry (i.e. Texas – oil & cattle) and for the boys to see how different areas are known for or associated with different things.  It’s very educational, but at the same time interesting to see how they make different things that may be more controversial, “fun” with games and big exhibits, like fracking.  The boys loved pretending to drill into the shale, and manning the heavy equipment games to find oil and natural gas, and it presented a great opportunity to discuss important choices we have, and how important it is to convey to those people in legislative positions the pros/cons of each choice and to consider the potential resulting impact of these choices on the community and the Earth.

Nuclear Energy – great visual

nuclear energy

Scientist Sam explaining hydroelectric power to Max

energy resources boys drilling

Drilling through the Shale…Max was pissed because Sam got to the target on the first try.  This picture was after about 4 tries…success.

making fracking fun

cowboy museum

Get along little doggies

max roundup sam roundup

max minus lady
trolley max

Grocer Max

grocer max