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We got to our next pet/house-sit yesterday in Flower Mound, Texas.  Before arriving, the boys and I went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History, while Brian worked in the quiet, air-conditioning of a local library.

They had a visiting exhibit from OMSI, which was neat to see, as we had just visited OMSI  when we were in Portland earlier this month.

It was a hot one 102 degrees, and our first dose of humidity since January.

Thank goodness the house we’re in has a wonderful swimming pool, which even first thing in the morning, the water is quite warm; I could literally just walk into it one step at a time without flinching at all at the temperature of the water.  Refreshing but rather warm.  The homeowner calls it “hot soup”.

We have 3 to care for, while we’re here for the next 17 days; two dogs – Thello and Willow (both just puppies, but you’d never know it, they’re so calm and sweet), and a rescue black tuxedo cat named Jazzy.  The pets are all very sweet, we are enjoying their company, especially on the heels of missing our lost kitty Kebesh.

This is a beautiful part of Texas, and the home and neighborhood are just beautiful.  It’s so nice after driving and camping for a couple of weeks (w/some hotel stays  mixed in) to be in a wonderful, well appointed home.  The homeowners here have done a wonderful job with the house, it’s a beautiful all brick home with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and a 3 car garage.  While swimming first thing this morning with the boys, Brian commented that it feels like we’re on vacation, especially after all the hot camping.  We are so grateful that we get to have this wonderful opportunity to enjoy their beautiful home, lovely neighborhood, refreshing pool, sweet lovable pets, awesome kid toys (they have two boys also) cool air conditioning, and fresh water and unlimited ice!

As hard as the last 3 weeks have been driving more than 2000 miles, dealing with many 100+ degree days, we all agreed that this house/pet-sit was definitely worth the drive to get here, especially if you consider all the things we did along the way.